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Can different project participants submit the same project?

This always happens when the project participants do not know that another company has already submitted. Basically, multiple submissions of the same project is not harmful. We will consider all documents if the project is selected for the book. However, we reserve the right to select the most appropriate for the book from the submitted images.

The project will not be finalized until after the submission deadline. Can it still be submitted?

The fixed deadline for submission must be met. Projects that are opened within a very short period of time thereafter can only be submitted after individual consultation with the dlv. If the selection has already been completed, subsequent inclusion is no longer possible.

Is the approval of the client mandatory?

Yes, in any case. We assume that you have the consent when you submit to us.

Do I necessarily need the image rights?

Yes! Please clarify the image rights with the rights holder before finalizing the submission. In the event that your project is selected for the book, it is imperative that the copyrights and usage rights to your documents, especially the image material, are clarified.

What criteria will be used to select projects?

Projects are selected on the basis of the following criteria (without weighting)

  • Project attractiveness
  • Specificity of the solution
  • Industry affiliation
  • Quality of the documentation provided

The selection is made by a panel of experts that the dLv, as publisher, puts together for each book.

The selection is made by a panel of experts that the dLv, as publisher, puts together for each book.

If your project is included in the STORE BOOK, the dlv will contact you. This will be a few weeks after the submission deadline. Please understand that dlv does not provide information about selection processes that are still in progress. Only when the selection of projects has been finalized, the submitters will be informed if their project has been included.

Will the book only be published in German?


Will I receive a voucher copy if my project is accepted?

Yes. If your project is selected, you will automatically receive a voucher copy as soon as the book is published.

Can I place an ad?

You are welcome to place an ad in the STORE BOOK that is tailored to your target group. You will find all relevant information in the current media data.

Where can I buy the book?

The book is available from the dlv and bookstores.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the dlv office:
Phone: +49 931 352920