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Terms of participation

The call for submissions of outstanding shopfitting projects is addressed to

  • Builders
  • Architects
  • Designers
  • Shopfitting companies
  • Lighting professionals
  • visual merchandising specialists
  • as well as other suppliers and disciplines involved in shopfitting.

The possibility of naming or submitting projects is open to everyone. Nomination or submission of several projects is possible.

Deadline for submission of projects is

  • Monday, September 30. 2024.
  • Projects must have opened after Friday, September 01. 2023 and by Monday, September 30. 2024.
  • If your project is scheduled to open in a very short period of time after 2024-09-30, the project can be submitted later only by individual arrangement with the dlv. We would like to point out that submissions received after the deadline for submission can only be considered in justified exceptional cases.

As the publisher, the dLv assumes that the submitter is the owner of the corresponding rights (consent of the building owner, image rights and copyrights, etc.) and that he/she grants the publisher permission to use them for this project - including its electronic distribution. Important note: If there are any ambiguities regarding the rights, this must be explicitly pointed out when submitting the project.

A prerequisite for inclusion in the publication is that the submitter provides the publisher with complete and correct information as well as the necessary documentation on the project in the required quality (for example images).

There is no entitlement to publication in STORE BOOK 2025.

The binding selection of the projects and the choice of images is the responsibility of the dLv. There is no entitlement to justification for the rejection of a project.

The submitter agrees that his project with the respective documents may also be used editorially by the publisher, if necessary.

Submitters whose projects have been included in the book will be notified by the publisher. There is no general entitlement to notification.