STORE BOOK 2025 - Submission

The book, published annually by the dLv, has been impressively demonstrating the importance of stationary stores since 2014. National and international store concepts are presented across industries. We are looking forward to your great projects for the next edition of the book.

Your steps to successfully submit the project

Set up customer account

You need to register once. You can access your account at any time and view the data you have entered.

Why can you only submit projects via this page?

You can only submit a project via this page with the customer account. Because: When you submit the project, you automatically accept our conditions of participation. Please refrain from sending us documents/image material by e-mail.

Who can submit?

Shopfitting companies, lighting and flooring professionals, visual merchandising specialists, builders, architects, designers and all other project participants.

Opening period for your projects | Submission deadline

All stores - regardless of sector - with a new opening or reopening in the period from 2023-09-01 = to 2024-09-30 will be considered.
Submission deadline: 2024-09-30

What data do we need?

If the project is selected and printed for the book, we need information about the project (e.g. sales area, materials used), building owner, planning, store construction and trades involved. Therefore, you must enter this data in a mask. You can upload press releases and other documents.

What photos do we need?

We need very good photo material. This can be uploaded in jpg format at a resolution of at least 5100 x 3400 px. Professional images, ideally taken by a professional photographer, increase the chances that the project will be selected.

How many projects can be submitted?

You can submit as many projects as you want - provided they meet the above conditions, especially regarding opening period.

What does the submission cost?

The submission is free of charge. There are no costs for you even if your project is selected for the book and published.